How We Help

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Thrive Law: a Business Law Boutique is a contemporary law firm that caters to the unique needs of those who make the creative economy tick: idea people, entrepreneurs, business owners, creatives, and artrepreneurs. We provide top-tier legal services to creative business owners. We charge flat fees whenever possible and offer creative counsel plans tailored to our clients’ needs and budgets. Whether you need help with business navigation, employment, contract, or intellectual property issues, rest assured your legal bill will be reasonable, predictable and tailored to what you need.

navigateBusiness Navigation

Whether you’re just starting out, hiring an army of employees, or gearing up to gear down so you can RV across America, Thrive Law can be your legal Sherpa at any stage of your adventure.



The days of doing deals on a handshake are over. But legalese-laden agreements make everyone crazy. Thrive Law negotiates and drafts contracts in plain English that are easy to understand, saving you money, time, and buckets of ibuprofen if things go south.


intellectualIntellectual Property

You don’t just have a business; you have a brand. Your ideas aren’t just creative; they are your livelihood. Thrive Law will not only help you identify and register your intellectual property, we will monitor your trademarks and copyrighted work, and enforce your rights if someone infringes.



It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye … or loses a trade secret. Or a former employee who signed that air-tight non-compete sets up shop next door. Or your best friend and business partner no longer shares your vision for your company. Thrive Law knows the moves to achieve out-of-court solutions when possible and to fight for you in court when necessary.